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April News

"An Empty Egg"
April 1, 2015

Dear Friends,

            He was nine and in a Sunday School class of eight year-olds. These third graders did not welcome Philip to their group. He was "different." He had Down's Syndrome and its obvious manifestations (facial characteristics and slow responses)...Read More

A More Meaningful Easter
April 1, 2015


Do you want time with your family this Easter to go beyond the church service, the food, and the egg hunts? Click here to read a list we've put together for you on ways to make Easter more meaningful. Please make sure to take pictures and send them to us. We'll share them with our Ubi Caritas family though social media!

March of Dimes
April 1, 2015


Ubi Caritas believes that when we walk in the March for Babies, we give hope to nearly a half million babies born too soon each year. The money we raise supports programs in the community such as...  Read More

Build Each Other Up
April 1, 2015


Recently my younger stepson, Jarret, was asked to join a select basketball team. He was so excited about this, even though we were a little nervous. He had only played about 2 years of Little Dribblers basketball and a season of 7th grade school ball, so experience-wise, he would be behind most of the team. Also, this was a team made up of players that were not from his school and had played together for a few years... 
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