Success Stories

Meet Lace, longtime resident of Beaumont, Texas. Lace started her journey with Ubi Caritas’s Diabetic Management & Education program back in January 2015. She was 500lbs when she came in for her first appointment and her A1C level was a dangerously high 10.3.

Ubi’s Diabetic self-management  and education program educates patients about the disease and how to manage it with diet and exercise.  This program is done in group and individual classes using certified community healthcare workers to provide education to clients in a consistent, repetitive manner with an emphasis on follow-up case management

Lace has now been on the Diabetic Management program a little over 4 years. She has lost a whopping 210 lbs and still counting!  Lace’s A1C level is now maintaining at a healthy 6.0 level!

Lace is excited about life again as she continues to maintain her diabetes with a healthy diet and exercise regimen.

The best part is she no longer takes diabetes medication!